Hottest Animators in the business produce ecards!

Lukas Pazara struck gold when he worked on the animations for the BBC introduction to the Beijing Olympics!  Also having worked on projects such as Gorillaz with Blur lead Damon Albarn, Pazara has used his skills to produce some fantastic animations for

The site also sees designs by Ed Myer who has worked on the Disney production Beverly Hill Chihuahua and Call of Duty 3, the no1 selling PS3 game!
“When it comes to animation, the quality is crucial that’s why we use top names as it puts us ahead of the competition.  Last Christmas we produced ecards for companies including Texaco, McCain’s, SAS Airlines and SpecSavers – it’s definitely a growing trend,” says Ed Myer of offers a fantastic selection of high quality animated ecards, offering a uniquely interactive experience for the recipient. It’s fast, easy to use and far more cost effective than sending out traditional cards.

And what’s different about this site is for a £20-50 one-off fee, 10% of which goes to charity; you can upload a personal message, add a company logo and send to unlimited recipients. And rather then having to provide a database of recipients, you will receive a link to your ecard which you can send from your email to your whole address book.  This also doubles up as a great marketing opportunity as you can add extra information into the email, such as Christmas opening times, offers and promotions.

“Many companies just don’t have the same budget this year for Christmas, so ecards are a great alternative.  Not only do you save on card costs, postage and carbon footprint with ecards, but you save staff time stuffing and sealing envelopes, not to mention the endless time spent chasing directors’ signatures for conventional business Christmas cards,” says Myer.

With a range of ecards to suit many industries, they are sure to bring a smile to any recipients face, click on link below for a great animation!

For further animation see:

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