The ecard – the only choice for business this Christmas!

It’s easy, cheap and you can do your bit for the environment too, and with the continually growing popularity of the Internet and the advancements made in technology the rise of the ecard is well and truly underway.

2009 has been a year of recession, postal strikes and increasing environmental concerns, so what can you as a business do to cut costs, save time, help the environment and even enjoy a little bit of feel good factor? offers a fantastic selection of high quality animated ecards, perfect for any business this Christmas.

And what’s different about this site is for a £20 one-off fee, 10% of which goes to charity, you can upload a personal message, add a company logo and send to unlimited recipients. And rather then having to provide a database of recipients, you will receive a link to your ecard which you can send from your email to your whole address book.

“Many companies just don’t have the same budget this year for Christmas, so ecards are a great alternative, postage alone for paper cards can run into hundreds of pounds and with postal strikes looming we’re expecting to see up to an extra xxx% in sales this Christmas” says Ed Myer, from

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